The 6 “Must Have” Gadgets in Your Truck Cab

We go over our list of the best gadgets we use on a weekly basis in our rigs. Are we missing any?

Let’s dive right in shall we? No need to scroll past ads and BS content.

1. 4K Dash Cam

A dash cam can literally save your ass. The BlackVue Dash Cam we recommend can provide invaluable evidence in case of accidents or disputes on the road, enhancing safety and providing giving you the video proof you need when some other idiot on the road makes a mistake. It’s a bit pricey, but the 4K video recording is what you need. Don’t lose your job because you can’t prove it wasn’t your fault!

2. Comfortable Headset

A hands-free OPEN EAR headset is a required feature for us on the road. Nothing is more annoying than a painful ear lobe on a haul. Not to mention the open ear aspect allows you to be able to hear all the typical road sounds you need to be aware of. The bone conduction headset we recommend is equipped with a noise-canceling boom mic that diminishes but doesn’t cancel out background and ambient noise.

3. Portable Refridgerator / Freezer

Keep your food and drinks fresh during long hauls so that you don’t have to spend money on pricey restaurants or unhealthy fast food. We recommend one that operates off of propane as well as 110V and 12V DC. Having that kind of flexibility is HUGE. It does only hold about 40 quarts, but usually that’s just the right size for us OTR truckers.

4. Quality Sound Machine

Getting quality sleep all starts with setting up your cab environment right. Recently, sound machines have gone to high tech in our opinion and require an app with Wifi. NOPE. Just give us an outlet or a USB powered option and we’re good to go. This Yogasleep sound machine doesn’t have the USB option, but damn does it have a nice soothing white noise fan. Puts us right out.

5. Heated Blanket

This one definitely couples well with #4. And let’s face it, sleeping when your cold is basically torture. Get yourself a quality heated blanket so you can watch the latest episode of Reacher in comfort. Your pup will also appreciate it too.

6. LED Lighting

Sometimes we just need things to feel more like home. And some simple USB lights that change the interior of your cab to something (anything) different is a good place to start. There’s a million options out there on Amazon, just be sure to get one that comes with a simple remote and doesn’t require yet another app or Alexa or Google Home.

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The 6 “Must Have” Gadgets in Your Truck Cab
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