New Infrastructure Initiatives by USDOT Totaling $292 Million in Grants


The U.S. Department of Transportation has disclosed that infrastructure initiatives designed to enhance and enlarge safe parking options for truck drivers will benefit from $292 million in federal funding. Among the 37 total projects receiving $4.9 billion, four specific endeavors, spanning Florida, Wisconsin, and Missouri, as well as the establishment of a regional West Coast system to link drivers with parking spaces along Interstate 5, were jointly announced on January 25 by President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

  • The Florida Department of Transportation is set to receive $180 million for the construction of more than 900 truck parking spaces along I-4 in central Florida.
  • The Missouri Department of Transportation will receive $92 million to enhance and expand parking facilities and information systems along I-70.
  • A total of $12 million has been allocated to the Washington Department of Transportation, in collaboration with California and Oregon, for the implementation of a regional truck parking information management system. This system will cover 54 truck parking facilities along the I-5 corridor, facilitating connectivity for truck drivers seeking available parking.
  • Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation is granted $8 million to reconstruct a rest area along I-90, increasing the number of parking spots from 16 to 70.

American Trucking Associations President Chris Spear applauded the grants.

“The severe shortage of truck parking continues to rank among drivers’ highest concerns, which is why we appreciate that Secretary Buttigieg and a growing number of states are making these projects a top priority,” Spear said in a Jan. 25 statement. “America’s highways are our shop floor. When drivers finish their shift, they deserve to know that they will be able to find a safe place to sleep that night. These significant investments in expanding parking capacity along some of America’s busiest freight corridors will help reduce supply chain bottlenecks, alleviate stress on truck drivers and make the roadways safer for all motorists.”

The funding comes from two discretionary grant programs, including the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America program.

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New Infrastructure Initiatives by USDOT Totaling $292 Million in Grants
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